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Trojans, round 2
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I win. You back door creating, virus laden bastard. My scanner found another 3 trojans in a sweep this weekend, even after spending all the time cleaning my machine. Good job to you, Mr. or Ms. asshat virus writer.

How did I win? My data is on a separate drive. So I wiped the OS volume and rebuilt the machine. It is a Windoze box, so it was probably due for a rebuild anyway...

Well, when I started this, no worries, but then my net connection went away for two days (thanks TimeWarner/RoadRunner). But then I realized something about Windows. It sucks. Does not recognize the video card. Find the CD. Does not recognize the NIC. Find the floppy. Does not recognize the onboard sound. Wait for net connection to download drivers from HP/Compaq. I have SP4 downloaded. Cool. Does not recognize TV Tuner card. Find the CD. Oh, net connection back! Download the updates from MS. How many f'ing reboots can I squeeze into one night? Why is it so many Windows Updates and Apps need a reboot? Why the fuck should I have to reboot for an update to Windows Media Player? Something like that should be so far away from any important files that I can just add it. I loaded two new video players on my linux box and neither of those required a restart....

Bah I say.