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Marscon 08
Friday -
Arrive, settle in. Torchwood panel. Comedy music from ericcoleman and Worm Quartet. I was in the Drugs section of the Sex, Drugs, Satan yellie bit. Had I known, what was coming, I would have run over to the sex section. Parties, beer, Romulan ale, cereal, Batman, Shazam, tea, cake.

Saturday -
Sleep in, wander around, Dr Who panel, donate blood, view the art, become founding member of the society to keep Andy out of a school girl outfit, vidding panel, dinner, parties, British, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh RAF members en route to Arizona, tea, port, beer, Romulan ale, cereal, Voltron, School House Rock, Scotch, boobies, mooning, beer.

Sunday -
Sleep in, wander around, load up cars, check-out, sketch book from Alpha Shade, as Chapter Three was not yet ready, Hang out with the Klingons, drink Ramune, eat chips, head home.

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it was nice to see you for the 30 seconds in the hallway at con. sorry i didn't get to see you more, you are always fun!

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