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Health Insurance
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Anthem Blue Cross may be a fine organization, but their website is fucking horrid. To say it was built by retarded monkeys would be disparaging the web skills of retarded monkeys. Very slow. Creating a profile failed. Twice. Searching does not exist, at least in any useful context. The search (find provider) form does not populate, or give you the option to populate based on your profile information. Further, it requires City, State, and Zip code? Hello? Phone numbers have to be put in as so: (xxx) xxx-xxxx, or it will not take it. No other form is accepted. There is no link to the pharmacy provider.

Fucking asshats. They do not deserve our money anyway and then they add insult by the existence of their sub-standard fucked-up websites. After going through all of that (it took about 3 hours to get through the account creation to try to use their useless tools). Now I have to go through the same pain at the prescription benefit website (which I found in the benefit book, not on the Anthem website). And that site is just as fucking slow.

Maybe by tomorrow I can get the information on getting my prescriptions filled. Are all of these organizations purposefully painful? I am very reluctant to call in. The last time I called in to a pharmacy benefit provider, they had bad information. Useless.

ETA: The Pharmacy Provider registration form looked surprising similar to the Anthem form. So I opened a new tab to the main page and entered the ID I created earlier. It seemed to work, since I was brought back to the Anthem site to click another disclaimer. Not that it told me it was going to Anthem or that it was related to Anthem. And then it timed out. And then IE crashed.