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What the fuck are they smoking?
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Microsoft, on their Windows 2003 server page, said that we can look forward to Windows "mainframes." What. The. Fuck.

Mainframes are the core of stability. The work horses of the computing world. This windows shit is great for gaming. Well, ok, it is not, but it is the best thing going in PC-based gaming. Just give OS X another couple of years.

But Datacenter grade mainframe, MS is comparing Windows Server to a mainframe? Are they stupid? Arrogant? Both? Ok, I can like with Both. Maybe they are just inviting ridicule.

I consulted for a hotel chain that shall remain anonymous. The had about a hundred Windows servers. And five big IBM AIX systems, that did all the real work. The Windows servers were for email, and file storage, and all that other stuff.

And then there is a major insurance provider. They had hundreds of Windows Servers. And one mainframe that did all the work. One mainframe that took care of over a million policies. And 70 Windows servers that crunched numbers for a few thousand.

Windows is like a yugo. It was a piece of shit when it was new, and did not get better, no matter how much work went into it. The mainframe, by contrast, is like a tank. Take care of it, and it will last 30+ years and keep on doing its job.

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Microsoft Marketing is one of the more Bizarro-World entities in existence. Have you seen the furor over just the packaging of the new Vista and Vista-compatible software (like Office 2007)?

The dev teams at MS aren't idiots. They just get railroaded by the big ol' corporate machine.

It's like real-time. What Windows calls real-time is person-level realtime, not machine-level realtime. Windows-- even any of the embedded Windows products-- isn't realtime. They don't understand realtime. They also don't understand mainframes, AKA "Big Iron".

Thing is, I like some MS products. Word, Excel, and Visio are all programs that I use a hell of a lot. Visio was somebody else's, and Excel is the descendant of VisiCalc from the Apple ][ days, but they're still useful and work well within the framework of what I do.

And I'd really hate to program an AS/400, or relearn FORTRAN or (shudder) COBOL.

It's like if Microsoft wanted to try and branch into the automotive or aerospace industry, or anything mission-critical. Can you imagine a Dialysis machine or a defibrillator running Windows CE? That would scare the shit out of me.

The dev teams at MS aren't idiots. They just get railroaded by the big ol' corporate machine.

You have a very good point here. There are some very clever, bright people there. There is some good product that comes out of Redmond, but do to the bad products, over-hyped marketing, and dubious history much of it less than desirable.

Take Sharepoint. Solid product. Now. First version was not great. Why? It was an internal project that Marketing saw and said, we can sell this! The dev team was really just part time work internally to do something nifty. Then suddenly they had to support it and make it do all kinds of things it was never designed to do, since it was built as this "throw-away" project. Now it is a solid collaboration and (MS Office) version control tool with forums, blogs, a (very poor implementation of) wiki, and a few other things that work acceptably.

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