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Pain, Day 2 review
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Imitrex, for me, works sooooo much better than the Ergotam. I was worried that I would have to cancel my presentation yesterday afternoon (I did not need to worry, as it turns out - more on that later) or take my narc meds which might make the presentation a little more interesting. I followed the doctor's plan: 2 Excedrin Migraine (generic, of course) at 6:00am, 2 hours, 1 Imitrex, 2 hours, 1 Imitrex. I had plenty of water and ate generic saltines to ease the nausea and finally had some soup around 1:30. By 2:30 it was just a minor ache and the world was much more tolerable. This morning there is still some lingering pain, but it is much more like the dull ache pressure sort. The 2 Excedrin should mask that for me.

So, my plans for my 3:30 WebEx presentation were quashed. I had technical issues launching the WebEx, but I was able to get on the conference call portion, and even though I was running about 5-10 minutes late, I was still ahead of the client. Once we did get connected, I found out that 2 of the 3 client participants were stuck doing an HR thing and could not attend anyway.

I still have far too much to write in the next two weeks, including a Capacity Management RACI matrix, Capacity Management business case and Vision/Mission statements, an hour presentation on changes in Configuration Management from ITIL version 2 to version 3, an outline of NOC SOPs, oh and I need to learn about NetIQ's Security Manager and build a plan to migrate from LogCaster to the aforementioned Security Manager, and learn NetIQ's Analysis Center product, and figure out how that fits in for reporting and if there is legitimate cross-functionality with the Capacity Management practice.

As teasing as she was, mle292 was correct in her post about the extra XP weekend on CoH/CoV (aka CoX). Due to that, the servers were hugely lagged and the one on which I usually play actually died (or was brought down as to prevent a hard crash).

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Those instructions sound wierd. Usually the sooner you take a migraine specific med, the better thier overall effect. Do you get non migraines and need to sort out what kind of headache this is?

Did you get the "water up your nose" side effect?

Would you like me to be less instructive? I often have more to say on health things, but it can get irritating, I know.

It is all good...

After a migraine, I have several days of low-level pain/pressure. So your guess is correct in that I am not supposed to be taking Imitrex every day for a week. I may even get that type of headache and never get a full migraine.

No water up the nose effect, but it is difficult to keep meds down when you feel on the verge of vomiting.

Personally I go for the imitrex first thing. If you can get a nasal spray the nausea is irrelevant, and I find that I'll feel odd for half an hour and then I'm good. But whatever, this sounds like an improvement.

The only side effect I get from imitrex is that, if I have overworked my muscles, then i get muscle pained in the stressed areas. But that's all.

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