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I hate Kansas
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First it was nice, then it snowed, today is slushy.

I called Northwest Airlines at 2:00 and asked if there was room on the earlier flight and they said there was. So I packed up my computer and drove the 80+ miles to the airport. After the toll road ended over 30 miles from the airport, I started looking for a gas station to fill up the car (since the company has a "do not use fuel service" policy, which makes sense, since it is about 2x the cost of filling the tank). Closer and closer, and then I was at the airport. Over 30 miles on two Interstates and not a single fucking sign for a gas station. No gas station advertised or visible at the exit to the airport. No gas station advertised at the airport. Pull into the rental return, $80 for fuel service. Fuckers. After I get on the shuttle bus from Car Rental to go to the terminal, we pass another street in the airport, there is a gas station on that road, which is PAST the rental return. So I guess you have to know that it is there before you get there. Fuckers. Gee, do you think that is on purpose? I get checked in, I put in my credit card so the pricks at Northwest can get their $25 for standby (you get charged if you get on the flight for which you are standing by). Security is a breeze, but mostly because I know what I am doing. Flight is full. Which is probably ok, since the company might not pay the $25 upcharge anyway. Now I sit here, in the worst fucking designed airport available, waiting for my real flight. Worst design? In what way? In the way that security is between everything else and the gates. Once inside the security checkpoint, there is vending machines and bathrooms only. So once you are in, unless you want to go back through security, no real food for you. Fuckers. Fucking TSA. Fucking terrorists. Fucking reactionary bullshit. Now the alarm on the gate door is going off randomly.

The project itself went ok, I need to present the final document to the tomorrow over the intertubes, after two hours plus of other conference calls. At least I will be home and wearing jeans and a hoodie.

So, here I am on the only redeeming feature of this airport - free WiFi. It did take me a while to connect, and it reminds me of 56k speed, but at least I am on... Hungry now, guess I will have a nice dinner from the vending machine.

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The WiFi is probably free so they can monitor your "Fuck the TSA" comment.
Have a nice flight?

At least you won't be in Kansas any more.

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