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Snow in Kansas
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Stuck in my hotel for a little while longer as the plows are not as efficient down here in Kansas. Two people got stuck attempting to drive out of the hotel parking lot and had to be pulled/towed into the adjacent mall parking lot, so that the plow could get back into the hotel lot to clear it. People have been loitering near the front door wondering if they can get around the most recently stuck car. I went back to my room to make some calls and work on a document for the client. I told them I would try to leave here by 9am. I just saw the truck plowing this side of the hotel, so I have hope that I will be able to get out in a little bit.

ETA: 5 miles = 40 minutes. Surface roads only. The PT Cruiser handles pretty well in the snow.

Traffic report: 4 cars stuck. 3 spinouts. 1 multi-car collision (about 40 feet in front of me).

Small truck started turning sideways as he was headed slightly down hill, came to rest perpendicular to road direction, front tires on outside curb. Car came down behind him, started spinning, ended up parallel to truck, again with front tires on outside curb. Collision was about 5mph, car front driver corner to truck front passenger corner. No injuries. Both people were making calls within 1 minute of the collision. After both vehicles stopped moving, it looked like they tried to park next to each-other, a little too close. Fortunately, I was in the inside lane and far back enough to avoid the whole thing. I thought there was going to be a third car in it, but they were going slow enough to move aside. Like I said, I was back far enough, so I stopped about halfway down the hill and let car 3 move ahead of me and then waited until the light changed to go forward, just in case more cars decided they wanted to join the parking scheme at the bottom of the hill. Yay me. *eye roll*

Queue Mission Impossible music. I knew what to do, I knew I had to do it; I know no one else could. I had to stay out of the way and drive like a sane person.

On the plus side, I saw only one douche going too fast for the roads. And contrary to conventional wisdom, I saw a person in a Hummer helping tow someone out who was stuck (using a proper tow cord too!). Color me impressed.

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Around here, they shut down schools for this. Sheesh.

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