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Motorcycles, working out, and gaming, oh my
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Good weekend. Friday night was the usual fun - dinner and movies with friends. Indian was the food, specifically saag paneer. MMM. Then Carnivale finale, Deadwood, and Real Time with Bill Maher. Whoopi must have driven down, since she said she wouldn't fly just a couple weeks ago. The New Rules was fantastic. He was commenting on the Yale/Columbia 8-year study on Abstinence Only education and Abstinence Pledges. Girls who pledge are 6 times more likely to give head, and 4 times more likely to engage in anal. Lets here it for them! W00t!

Saturday was a workout, followed by a quick motorcycle ride to the new independent coffee shop (The Coffee House - St. Louis Park)! Have to support those local independent businesses - I would be there another two times this past weekend, but I am getting ahead of myself. Sugar and Spice Latte - very tasty. Back home, nuke my leftover saag paneer, then gaming time. New campaign by Matt, then break for dinner, Cheese Cake provided by Joe, wrap-up, then break to reconnect in less than an hour in City of Heroes.

Sunday was, um, get up late, realize it was even later and run around adjusting clocks. Then running errands. Coffee (from The Coffee House), Comics and Books, some new RPG books as well (again, local independent stores - Dreamhaven and Phoenix Games in uptown). Groceries followed by a quick run into Microcenter (not so much an independent :) ) for an infrastructure upgrade. Home again, and a visit from toadnae for more caffeine (from the Coffee House), and a trip over to the bike store to look at new bicycles and jerseys. A break, then off to kickboxing. Two new people there - an Tae Kwon Do person (2nd kickboxing session) and a newbie. The newbie had a very impressive round kick. Now she needs to work on the pivot.

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dude, that's alot of coffee. :) you're more of an addict than i am.

I used to drink a pot of coffee a day.

Correction -
It is not "The Coffee House" it is....
"Harvest Moon Coffeehouse"

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