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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
bruce_schneier posted this link earlier today:


It is even funnier when you find the misspelling.

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Well, downloading is one of the factors that drove Geneon out of the anime distribution business in America. ADV Films is currently restructuring a few things in their company right now. Not really sure what is going on there yet. Hopefully nothing too dire.

I wonder what other factors were at play? As I said before, most of the people that I/we know will purchase the real material even if it is downloaded first, either (1) because we cannot get it legitimately at first or (2) as a see if I like it kind of thing. Two the second point, you have a good argument that much of that is available via streaming from their official sites. What are your thoughts on the first point? Is it OK so long as it is purchased when available?

Geneon was always hurt a little in part by their own pricing. Typically a Geneon title would sell for $29.99 per disc, whereas a lot of other companies only charged $19.99. Also Geneon's boxsets usually cost a lot more than similarly popular titles from other studios. With more anime being shown on tv in recent years it has become a catch-22, you increase awareness and generate money from the tv-showings but lessen the need to purchase right away. Pepple will wait for a boxset if they think it's likely.

I don't mind watching fansubs in anime club because I'm not walking out of the room with a copy of it. I'm just watching it the same as I would if it was on broadcast tv. If I downloaded the full-run of an anime myself, I'd likely feel an obligation to buy it because I liked it well enough to download the entire thing. At the very least, one ought to get rid of fansub copies once a title is being sold in stores. The previewing justification doesn't really hold up if one holds onto the fansubs for the complete run of a show even after it's completely available for purchase.

That should read "People" not "Pepple". And on that note, I'm going to bed now.

And what is loding and how do you get down with it?

Well, apparently loding a down is free, why you would lod a down is beyond me. Maybe it has something to do with ore?

But downloading is illegal and not free.

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