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Winter Roads
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Be careful out there, it is slick. I managed to get to about 40mph on the freeway on the way to a meeting and about 20mph on the way home. The surface roads are actually much better than 169, 94, or 494. I saw about 7 accidents while out today, over a 10 police cars responding to accidents, another four or five just driving, 3 ambulances and one Fire/Rescue.

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just took me 2.5 hrs to drive 22 miles...

Ugh! At least you are home and safe now!

Is it snowing?? I heard it was really cold. It is raining here and really cold. They had snow in Palo Alto (S.F. Bay area) yesterday BURRRRR.
How is/are your headaches? Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your new job. much love krisy

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