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Tuesday night update
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Well, not really an update on Tuesday night, rather an update about last night.

So, kalmn canceled dinner (with good reason, even). So, I wandered home at the usual time and ran into a little gathering kitty-corner from my house. Talked to one of the neighbors I know and met two new ones, one of their daughters, and the other one's puppy. I remember 3 of the 4 names - shame on me. Oh well, the one I have misplaced in my brain was the one sitting furthest from me, that is my excuse, and I am sticking to it.

I excused myself to go change and head to kickboxing. And, oh yes, i took the bike. What a beautiful night for a little drive. What a workout. It was the instructor, myself, and one other guy. We worked hard. Very Hard. Including lots of squats, push-ups, running, kicks, crunches, 360s, and to top it off, triangle headstand balancing and handstand pushups. Some serious headrush at the end of those... Whew. Fun! She promised to work us like dogs, and she did. We ended up finishing in 58 minutes, as opposed to 60. She then threatened to "make up" those 2 minutes later this week or next...

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BTW Having a motorcycle has doubled your sex apeal.. It is a motorcycle right? Not one of the other things that can be called a bike?

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No, there is nothing wrong with scooters... No, really ;)

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I wouldn't say *never on that account. But a real motorcycle would help.

I have a real motorcycle. 2004 Honda Shadow Aero 750. Cruiser. Maroon and Black and Chrome.

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