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Migraine Update
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Visited the doc today. Well first, I went to the dentist and all is good on that front.

On to the doc. So, the initial drugs do not do enough. So now, I have Imitrex to use in place of Ergotam. I also have the generic version of Fioricet. Mixing barbiturates and stimulants in one pill, what will they think of next?!

Still no aura, although I find it difficult to speak while being attacked by the migraine hordes.

So, now the process looks like this:
Head hurts.
Migraine? -> Take Excedrin Migraine (the generic version)
Time passes (1 hour).
Head still hurt? -> Take Imitrex
Time passes (2 hours)
Head still hurt? -> More Imitrex.
If my head is still hurting at this point, it is more likely to be OMFG, the pain the pain! at which point I start pounding the But/Apap/Caf (generic Fioricet) like candy. Actually more like 2/every four hours while I pray for the sweet release of death. But until Grim shows up and I kick his ass at boardgames, I guess it is the dark room/bath/ice/quiet(or loud) treatment.

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Imitrex works but it makes me feel like I have water up my nose for abut an hour. Also, must have food with it. Can't drink hot coffee during that sensation. Also, they don't make one in a small enough dose for me.
Good luck. Try vitamins.

I take a multivitamin every day. The Target branded Centrum Performance. I suspect you had something more than that in mind? Or just trying to keep me healthy? :)

BTW, I saw the fish van over by Home Depot (394/100) the other day as I was leaving the Caribou and headed to a meeting... I waved, but I bet my car is not as noticeable as yours. :)

I waved, but I bet my car is not as noticeable as yours. :)
Yeah. I get that a lot. :)

I am not sure what I mean by vitamins. I see a naturopath in chicago land. He measures chi with an electrical device and takes hair samples to check mineral imbalances. He gave me trace minerals and niacin based on the hair and vit D based on the device. I didn't get ANY migraines untill the pills ran out and I tried to replace them with what I thought was a good multi. YMMV
I am happy to put you in touch with him if you are interested. I am afraid I don't know anyone local. I'm going back sometime soon.

I'm glad you have something more hardcore, but it may be worthwhile pushing the preventative angle as well. If they try you with beta blockers be prepared to list the side effects and take yourself off of them if they suck. Which is what I did.

My doc says that the infrequency of severe attacks does not warrant daily meds. He is not a fan of daily meds (surprising for a Dr. in a major clinic with all of the Pharmacon people trying to sell drugs - at least based on many stories i hear). Fortunately, both he and my sleep doctor are more fans of behavior modification, exercise, good sleep, etc. before medication.

(Deleted comment)
Nope, I think if the severe attacks were more frequent that my doc would refer me to a neurologist.

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