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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Migraine. Started yesterday. Meds. Drove 4 hours through fog to Cedar Rapids. Meds. Had three bites of dinner. Meds. In bed in the fetal position at 8:30pm. Woke up at 6am (and many times in between). Meds. Water. Repeat until I maxed out my prescription limit for the day and week. Had three meetings. Managed to keep 2 meals (well, not really meals, but real food, albeit rather small portions) down. Slept for at least 1 hour on the ride home (no driving for me today). Cooking dinner now, then hopefully in bed by 9pm.

On the plus side, I got to drive a brand new Volvo S40 yesterday (rental). I'll post a review when my brain stops hurting.

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Meds? Which meds? I should talk to you about meds and how I don't get migraines any more, even when exposed to environmental triggers.

Ergotam/Caff 1/100
Take 2 at onset, up to 1 every 30 minutes as needed, max 6 per attack or 10 per week.

And now the whole world knows what drugs I have, or at least the three people that care to read my LJ.

I used to take Sumatriptan, which is a vasoconstrictor like Ergotamine, though the one I had was either taken as a nasal spray or an injection which was very quick. I found it incredibly effective and one dose was usually enough.

Now I'm on Verapamil, which is a blood pressure medication used as a prophylactic against migraine. Basically the way a migraine causes pain is to dilate the blood vessels in your brain. My medication dilates my blood vessels constantly so I never get the pain from the sudden dilation.

Aah, western medicine, don't you love it?

Now see, this is why I believe in astrology. I had a migraine today and two days ago. I take Imatrex (sumatriptan succinate). I went several months without needing it while I was taking a trace mineral supliment. I ran out of that and they came right back. Taking a diferent supliment now but it has only been a few days.
Headaches suck.
I feel for you babe.

Sorry man, that sucks. Only treatment I've ever known from people who have them is to sleep it off. Good luck!

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