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Easy like Tuesday afternoon?
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
So, I have meetings for the rest of the day, er, well starting in another hour or so then for the rest of the day. Should be interesting, in one meeting we are talking about PGP and another is the direction of Linux at the company. Then dinner with kalmn!

I posted earlier that on Sunday I got the bike out. Well, I went for a little ride last night, I think only about 15 miles. I basically ran some errands, plus an extra few miles because I could. Bloodwork at the lab, a quick drive over to bother some friends of mine (how dare they not be home when I stopped by without any announcement or warning!). Then a quick trip down the Boulevard to see if the new coffee shop was open. It was. Ok, so it was already after 6:30, but you know, a new coffee shop, how could I not get leaded? Nice location (walking distance from the house!!) Fresh pastries from Franklin St. Bakery, Sebastion Joe's Ice cream, and, yeah, COFFEE! So, I sat and talked to the owner for about 15 minutes whilst sipping my latte.

Then to the gym for a late workout. It was warm in there last night. Tough to keep a space that large temperature controlled when the outside is changing rapidly.

Off to get stuff done before meetings...