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The Eyre Affair
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Comments behind cut

The Chuzzlewit original manuscript was altered, which had a ripple affect on the copies. But the original was then destroyed, but the work did not disappear from history. Why would one change things and another did not?

Are we, dear reader, supposed to feel superior to Thursday for 'getting it' sooner than she does? She is plenty smart, but slow on the uptake. The Japanese woman behind her at the Bronte house; Mrs. N from Osaka? The familiar ChronoGuard? Does she figure it out in later books? Hades the Bloodsucking Fiend - there is the SO-Biters and Suckers (as we find when Spike is introduced), so why have none of them been after Hades? Are we to assume that even though he fits the description of a vampire (albeit magically active too) they (SpecOps) never figure it out and send anyone like Spike after him? Or did I miss a reference to that?
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You know, there is a website where much of this stuff was discussed: jasperfforde.com, plus the readers' fforum (which used to be quite good 3-4 years ago but is now, sadly, quite lame).

Or I could have a go at answering with my own opinions.

A couple of those questions do get answered in later books. Not all of them, though.

I'd be happy to hear your opinions on it!

1. Original manuscripts -- I think that most original manuscripts have either been lost or destroyed over the years, but the copies still remain. My understanding is that destroying a manuscript in its original form would not erase the books, but altering it would change all copies. That's why Mycroft chooses to destroy the Chuzzlewit manuscript rather than allow Hades to mess with it further. (At least, I think it was Mycroft -- I had to ask Simon.)

2. Thursday's obtusity -- yes, sometimes she is. With Mrs N. -- things become more apparent in Lost in a Good Book. I think Jasper sometimes just gives the reader more information than the characters.

3. It's never entirely clear what Acheron is. I don't think Jasper intends him as a vampire. And he's a lot more intelligent than your average (Ffordian) SEB. Spike doesn't get to handle Acheron because he's the jurisdiction of SO5 and Spike doesn't have the necessary clearance to even know about him.

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