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An Open Letter
Dear Luther Hopkins Honda,
I talked to two of your service consultants about my car. Both assured me I should get the 105k mile maintenance, that the tires I was quoted were in-stock at a given price, and that NOT getting the oil change would be fine.

I will start with the good points. Once the car was there, you did manage to discover that the maintenance had likely been performed in 2005 and did not need a repeat. Good job. Was there a reason that you could not tell me that on the phone? Twice?

Your staff completed the inspection and topped off the fluids. Good work. And then they changed the oil. Gee thanks, i wanted your cheap-ass shit oil and filter to replace my better synthetic and filter after one month, even after telling two people NO.

Then there were no tires. But you offered to get other tires by Saturday or Monday at twice the quoted price. Thanks, no.

I even signed up for your overpriced windshield wiper deal. And apparently the normal wiper from Target are fucking special, so you cannot even do that.

And apparently the free car wash means something other than washing the car. Like perhaps NOT washing the car. Or maybe the car wash means they washed the parts they needed to in order to do the work they should have or should not have.

Then, you were rude to my girlfriend and told her it was her fault that your internal communication sucks. And through my own ass-holiness and pissed-offed-ness I got angry with the wrong person.

+did not charge me for work already performed
+inspection yielded no new work
-no tires
-oil change
-no wiper blades
-blamed the customer
-no car wash

Kindly go fuck yourselves and consider me in the lost customer category.

I am very much looking forward to Honda America Survey.

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Yep. Those are the same brain surgeon level scientists that kept telling me they would also be working on my a/c during the required maintenance the last time I took it there. I kept insisting to them, "not on my car", but all they did is keep repeating it was part of the standard maintenance package. I told them I absolutely refused to pay for it since my car has no a/c and never has!!! (So they offered to install it for me. On an eight-year-old car. *sigh*)

And that was the third straw!

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