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Pissed Off
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Which is better than being pissed on.

Had a beautiful day, lovely time at the MN History Museum, a nice dinner a Fujiya. Walked out to the car and found the driver's window smashed, the stereo ripped out and my camera gone. This is my 10 year old Civic, with a stereo that is 6 years old, and a five year old digital camera. None of this is high-value. Some cowardly pig-fucking, diseased donkey ball licking, troll-fisting cum stain broke my window for a 6-year old stereo, and then discovered the camera under the seat. In the process, as I mentioned, this shit-sucking fucktard also smashed my window and broke various plastic bits to get the stereo out. Asshole! Motherfucking asshole! I really want to introduce this person's ribs and knees to a nice piece of hickory. Like an axe handle or Louisville slugger.

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