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Red Alert
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Sirens are blaring. Thunder and lightning. Barely a drizzle yet. Hrm. Which is more dangerous, staying on the mainfloor during severe weather, or attempting to wake a teenager? Right then, I'll keep on ignoring the weather. Oh, the siren turned off. Must be safe now... :) Now it rains.

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We scooped up the cats and hit the basement for 15 minutes or so. Fast moving storm, lots of wind, half-inch hail here. No damage this time around though.

Pity, I was in the middle of a good Hollows team with yet another alt that won't survive past the teens, more than likely.

You're lucky if your sirens give you some warning! Over here in Plymouth, they go off just when the worst part of the storm has passed us!

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