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Morning is too early, we should push it back a bit
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
So, wow, I am up and at work, have caught up on my email, and it is not even 8:00am yet. Good grief. It may seem like that is productive, but it really is not. I do not know if I could actually get up and drive here at the time I take the bus. I like the bus. I read. I have read several books while riding the bus. Currently I am in the middle of "Got Fangs?" by Katie Maxwell. It is not like there is higher meaning in this book, but I find it rather entertaining. It is difficult to remember the main character is like 16. I read and go, why the hell would she do that? Oh, yeah, she is 16. Brain candy fluff, but I am enjoying it.

This weekend was MiniCon. But before I get to that, Friday I had my usual good time with J&S. It was the Teahouse for some very good Chinese, followed by our viewing of the most recent Carnivale and Deadwood. Good stuff. It is not TV, it is HBO. And soon, soon, will be another season of Dead Like Me. After that we watched The Incredibles. Fantastic. I have not laughed that hard or that continuously for a long time. Damn that is a funny movie. If you have not seen it, put it on your netflix list, and bump it up to number 1...

I got the Saturday day pass and saved a few dollars, which I then spent on drinks during the Masqued Ball (in which not many wore masks). I saw lots of my friends (which is, of course, the best reason to go - and no, I am not going to list everyone I saw here - you know who you are). The ball was a good time, the Tim Mallonys were fun, and they were followed up by Folk Underground and Lorainne a'Melana and that was much fun. The GoH was Terry Pratchett. I attended the interview - what a riot. He is very entertaining. The artists Fastner & Larson were there and Steven Brust put in an appearance. I also bumped into Bruce Schneier, looked at collectibles, pins, books, posters and pretties in the Dealers room, and talked to my friends from Dreamhaven (the coolest bookstore on the planet).

Sunday I pulled the cover off my bike, disconnected the trickle charger, put the seat back on and stowed the tools. Let it run for a bit and went for a quick 1 mile circuit around the neighborhood, and took, unbeknownst to me, toadnae for her first motorcycle ride. Then kicked back and watched some good 90s teen films - American Pie and Cruel Intentions. After that was the hot tub for some further relaxation.