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"slow and easy" and "I've done it plenty"
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Quote attributed to federal prosecutor John David R. Atchison from the Northern Florida US attorney's office, commenting on how he has sex with a five year old girl. Yes, you read that right, five years old.


Atchison was caught in a sting where a member of the Detroit police working with the FBI posed as a mother selling her daughter for sex.

And he "...was the president of a local youth recreation board and had been involved in coaching soccer, baseball and other sports..."

What a ... the words escape me... asshat? no, to nice. jerkwad? to pleasant. Fucktard. yep. that seems about right. What a fucktard.

So, how does one get to be an assistant U.S. attorney? Is it appointed? Elected? Hired like a regular job?

I am just waiting for some politician to shove their entire foot into their mouth and off-handedly comment, "at least he is not gay." Or, Atchison will pray to God to forgive him, ask his family to support him while dealing with his "illness" or whatever other insane level of bullshit this waste of carbon and water is going to spew forth.

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A similar sentiment to your last paragraph was echoed in today's (9/17) Mallard Fillmore comic strip.

"Fucktard" doesn't do it either. But I can't really come up with something that conveys my loathing for this man, so I suppose it will have to do for the nonce.


Very clever word usage too! *claps*

A quick google search came up with this:


I submit that he is a "Piece of Smeg", i.e. Smegma. It doesn't roll of the tongue quite like fucktard but whenever I hear/read something disgusting like this, I flash back to Jr. High where Smegma was pretty much the most disgusting goo anyone could think of.

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