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Virus Malware Spyware Adware hell
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I feel so, so... used and dirty. My PC was infected this weekend, and I spent in inordinate amount of time cleaning it on Sunday afternoon. I am not sure of the invasion vector, but AVG from Grisoft detected two trojans as they fired off on Sunday afternoon. That warning plus IE launching to some asshats "low mortgage rate" site was the big "DO SOMETHING" indicator. I disconnected it from the network and began the disinfection.

I looked in the Task Manager and killed off two suspicious exe's. Then I ran a full sweep with AVG. It did not pick up anything. I ran a full sweep of Spybot. It came back with the evil known as ISearchBar or some such. If I find you, oh author of this insideous shit, you will pray to whatever god you believe in for your death. Spybot cleaned it out, but not all of it. Ran adaware. It also found traces of it and claimed to clean them. Rebooted, reconnected, grabbed all the updates from MS, disconnected, rebooted, fresh scans all around. Still there, bloody hell.

Time for more details. I noticed two things in the AVG log - Changed kernel files, and a new file, listed as a system file. A quick check of my other PCs confirmed it was not present on other win2k box. Check timedate stamp. New this morning, before I started patching. Killed it, renamed it. Killed the processes again. Then looked back in log for when the kernel files changed - way back, must have been several patches ago, since the inoculation. Fresh sweeps all around. Next reboot and sweeps were clean.

But back to Saturday!
Saturday I cleaned up from the snow and got the driveway and sidewalks all clear, in time for toadnae to visit and head out the computer store. We picked out some rockin' components and I even offered to build it, but the store offered to assemble for free. OK. It took them much longer than anticipated, and as such, I was late for my CoH team, but it was for the best. The case went through 3 fronts before he got all the bits together, so I am very glad it was their problem, not mine.

Once I got home, hopped on CoH for the TaskForce. And within an hour my broadband connection dropped. Again. Ran over to a friends house to leach CoH from him for our taskforce. I love my team - they leveled me while AFK!

TimeWarner, if you are reading this, when I ask you to replace the bloody Cable Modem, DO IT. Just because it is working for the 10 minutes you are there does not mean it is still viable. If you looked at your service logs, you will see >5 disconnects in the last 10 days. If the lines are good, which element is left? Hmmm? Yes, yes, it is all well and good you can swap out the $.50 splitters again. Thanks. No, that did not fix it. Why am I not surprised? Oh, you cannot come back for another how many days? Sure, or that 3 hour window during business hours? How quaint. Wake the hell up! If you did your job last time, I probably would not be ragging on you now.

Back to Sunday!
Kickboxing! It was fun. Only three of us, so we used two bags each and practiced combos with two opponents (you reading this malware boy?) I did not knock one over last night, nor break one, much to the surprise of at least 1 person. Mostly because we worked close-in.

And then was more CoH, this time with toadnae! She is catching on. And liking it! So I think my CoH time, between BJCA, Elemental Furries, and now this, will be increasing a bit :)