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I've said it before...
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And I'll say it again. Definity Health aka UHC sucks diseased donkey dick. I got the usual letter today telling me I need to call in to verify I do not have any other insurance. I call in. There are no instructions in the letter on how to navigate the pain that is their voice response system. I try Coverage. I am then asked to say my DOB and member number. I enter that. I try to get an operator. It brings me back to the beginning. I try coverage again, I get the same options, then I try to get an operator. Finally, I hang up.

Starting over, I go through all of this again, and once I get to coverage, I just choose one at random. Now I get the "Did you just get the letter?" question. Yes. Now I get to talk to a human. Seems I had to choose a coverage type in order to verify that I do not have other insurance providers. Now I talk to the nice person, but her software does not have the IVR component, so I have to repeat everything that I already had to give the system. WTF?! Piece of shit. So I tell her Thank you, you have been very nice, but your IVR is horrible. I am looking forward to the Survey (already selected Yes, I want to take the Survey, before I even got to talk to the nice person). She thanks, have a nice day. There are clicks as it was supposed to send me to the survey system and then it hangs up on me. Guess they really did not want my opinion of their craptacular system.

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At least they send the letter to YOU. They send my letter to my ex husband who throws it away.
My first clue there is a problem is when the clinic bill says insurance refused to pay.

That's why we took down our VRS. We may use it again but we can't get those darn tech people to make it work right... :-)

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