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So, instead of impeaching Bush for his crimes against America, both the House and the Senate handed him a bill that legitimizes most of his illegal wiretapping, further eroding our civil liberties and slashing the 4th Amendment. And this is with the democrats in charge of the legislature.

They should be ashamed. Shame on every one of them that did not stand up and say NO. Shame on them for ignoring the infrastructure and health care of this country while our troops are dying occupying a foreign country and they (Congress) kowtow to a corrupt regime. I knew Coleman would vote for it, he has been nothing if not Bush's lap dog. But Klobuchar, I expected better of her. She has a real background in law.

I vote no confidence in the whole federal government. The Bush administration must go. Those in Congress must go. All of them. Since it has been pointed out to me that there is no "reset" button for the government, it seems our redress is limited to two options. Mentioning one of those options is likely to get me sent to Guantanamo (advocating a revolution is apparently illegal and we are all to comfortable to actually make a go of it anyway), I implore everyone to vote out every single incumbent in every election you are able. Since we are not rich and cannot withhold funding like the companies backing the administration, the only thing we can do is vote them out. Sending emails, calling, and faxing does not seem to change the votes, even though they are supposed to represent us.

This is not yet a Fascist State. Fascism is the need of the State over-riding the needs of the individuals, intolerance of anything not in the State's interest and extreme Nationalism. It is also not yet a Theocracy. This country's path should not lead in either of those directions. Unfortunately, it has almost become an Oligarchy, in which We The People are ruled by a small minority of power holders (BushCo, Murdoch, Haliburtin, Big Oil). We need to stop this degeneration of our society. I do not want to tour the ruins of our society, while slowly puffing an INGSOC cigarette; the society we let fall on our watch; let fall to a creepy cadre of greedy, corrupt scum.
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Come to the dark side. Vote for Ron Paul.

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