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Willow Bored
Work stuff:
I have a couple of really cool projects right now and I just finished another cool project.

By cool I mean converting 100's of person hours per year to a script that takes 10 minutes to run once per month. Next is to convert 100s of person hours to another script that runs once per week (which will be much more difficult). So when I say I can replace someone with a very short script, I mean it.

On the bad side, there are a few people who Just. Don't. Get. It. You have no testing completed, you have the first three tiers of your application in shared components which give us no idea your portion of them, and you want me to tell you what new servers you will need this year and next year, all by Friday this week. I received the technical architecture on Thursday last week. Eat Me.

And the other ones - I am not on your project, someone else is. It is not me. Stop inviting me to your meeting and invite the assigned resource. I really do not care about your little dedicated Windows servers and your purchased application. Especially since it took you over a week to just tell us which windows services belonged to your application. Also, pick a goddamn name. I am tired of seeing it listed as the random selection of one of 6 names.