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Good weekend, but a little expensive
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
It was a rather nice weekend.

Friday night was good Indian food (I tried a Rogan Josh for the first time, I think, well I know I had Rogan Josh, just cannot remember if it was the first time I had it). The naan was outstanding. Back to J&S's for Deadwood, Carnivale, and Bill Maher. And rumor has it that Dead Like Me will be starting season 3 sometime soon!

Saturday morning came early but I hit the club in full stride. Good workout, talked to my trainer for a bit, and then home for lunch. mplsfish came over to the house for a while, and there was much goodness. After dinner I caught up on (well, not really caught up, but I did watch some) TV that I had dvr'd. Then more City of Heroes.

Sunday morning, a very good breakfast with Shannon. Back home to do some laundry and other housework. In the afternoon toadnae hit Ikea and Slumberland Clearance center and I somehow managed to drop $1500 on new real furniture. Those of you who have been to the house, know that pretty much my only real furniture are the beds. So now, new furniture is being delivered. A real sofa, loveseat, and chaise. It is going to be strange. And someone - Toad - mentioned that I should also have a coffee table. Sorry, that is where I draw the line. That is just way to real furniture for me...

Then I tried to hook another on City of Heroin (oops, City of Heroes), by demo'ing the character gen before I caught up with my superteam for our weekly thrashing of criminals. By the time we were winding down, she was checking prices and system requirements... heheh, first ones free :)

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You're a bad bad man!

Its not my fault!

They told me they fixed the hyperdrive!

(Deleted comment)
Dinner was Joy of India - 55 near 169, by the big Bachmanns. And yes, grown up furniture is way expensive and scary. Now I am going to have to deflate my furniture in the half story so I can move up some of my quasi-real furniture to make room for the new stuff.

i have two coffee tables.

and two couches.....

let's face it--i am too fucking grown up.

That is sad. I am somewhat happy in that I was 33 before I purchased a real sofa or loveseat... I think I am going to have to hit at least 35 before I consider a coffee table. Unless a nice one shows up mysteriously, but I am currently in denial about my own ability to purchase one...

I did NOT say you had to have a coffee table. I said if you wanted to have two couch-like items in your living room, you'd have to get rid of the dining table. You asked where you would eat. I said you'd have to get a coffee table. There's no room in your living room for a coffee table. An ottoman, maybe, but not necessary.

I stand (well, sit) corrected.

I need a coffee table.

And you've already got the lounging chairs in the entertainment center, what else do you need?

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