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CONvergence, Day 4 - 5
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I managed to get up for my panel discussion of Manga. I was the first there and was a little nervous at first. Then two of the other three panelists arrived. As with the first panel, my knowledge was dwarfed by the other panelists, which included Anna Waltz. I talked about what I did know, and the series I enjoyed. I also talked about using the library to enjoy manga, found both in the teen section and as dewey921 pointed out, in the 'normal' area due to mature content. I will do my one name drop and say that after the panel Lois McMaster Bujold asked me where to start with getting into manga.

Then I saw a KC at the Bat'leth, in which Klingons played baseball with Tribbles. Then for music, mle292 went to see Luke Ski. Good humor music. Very fun. After that was the second Dr. Who panel I attended - this one about creatures. Towards the end I getting tired and had a minor headache. So I went and had a 1.5 hour nap. Then I attended the Closing Ceremony. Some good jokes, and Soylent Theatre was pretty funny. My headache was worse, so I bummed some ibuprofen and took another nap. I woke up a little while later with a full-blown migraine. PAIN, restless sleep and vomiting ensued. OMG PAIN. BGFE mle292 brought me food, which I ate. Or rather attempted to eat. I finally fell asleep. Got up about 9:00. I could still feel the pain hiding there behind my eye and had some more ibuprofen. I also downed another couple bottles of water (which stayed down, yay!). Packed up the room and loaded the cars. I called my Dr, who fit me into his morning schedule and then I got to go to hospital for a cat scan or two. One with and one without glowie brain bits. {voice="arnold"} Its not a tumor {/voice}. Nor am I bleeding out my brain. Took my prescription to the store and picked up some Excedrin Migraine. Need to go back to store tomorrow to get the prescription as they were out. Unloaded the car and most of my bag. Now I am writing whilst most of this is fresh in my brain.

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Sounded awesome. Hey, you going to any of the big shows this summer? I'll be at San Diego, Wizard World Chicago, Gen Con Indy, and probably Dragon*Con.

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