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CONvergence, Day 3
Why the fuck is Firefox launching? (because TehDae keeps setting it to the default [from Safari]).

Saturday started with the Bat'leth tournament. I was down there at 9:00 am and made my donation to Juvinile Diabetes. I also donated to Breast Cancer Research via rosencrantz319. Both good causes. I lost to geohard in the first round, which is not surprise, after all, I am a mere human and he is a Klingon. The off to panel #2 - MMORPGs. Now this panel I could talk. It was a really good panel, although one person went a little too far into game specifics, but really, that is to be expected. I talked a little about the history, pay v. free games, current obsessions, economics, grinding, etc.

After that was wandering and talking. Managed to get in and out of Dealers room twice without spending anything. Then I did a food run for mle292 who was fighting not one, but two lighting system software crashes. Door holding for mainstage crew ensued. Masquerade went really well, considering both the light system and sound system crashed during rehersal. Also, there was last minute re-wiring of old connections.

The most surreal event of the night was the twilek slave girl making out with another girl (with legs wrapped around the other girl) in front of the giant bar TV which was showing baseball. I am pretty sure this is the same event that was referenced at Closing Ceremony ("Gain two levels").

Then the drinking and partying. OMG. I was doing really well until about 1:30, when I was trying to turn a friend into an extrovert (my brain was only mildly addled, but he probably didn't really need or want me to perform this service). Spiked punch, frosting body shots, home brew cider, jello-shots, and too many test-tubes of pink and yellow beverages later, it was closing time and 4:30am. 33.8 oz of water and then sleeping commenced.

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So I attempted to say "hi" rather late that evening - and you appeared to look right through me. Unfortunate, because I wanted to catch up.

Hrm. Sorry to hear that. It certainly was not on purpose.

Not a problem. It was appreciated. I need to do more of that.

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