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CONvergence, Day 2
I have my first panel today. Should be interesting.
mle292 was up early today and ran back to the house to grab the few remaining items that had been forgotten yesterday. She found out this morning that she would, in fact, be working lights for Masquerade. No shock there, but it would be great if the people in charge would let her know sometime before the beginning of the Con that she would spend almost all day Saturday behind the light console. I know she does it so that Skaht gets a break, but FFS, you'd think people that have been running that department for years would have their shit together enough to let people know. (PS, it is now official, she will be running it next year. Please plan panels accordingly, so MLE can attend the ones she wants)

Coffee, then the wandering starts. More later.

First panel went well. I was able to answer questions and opine, but it was mostly the Romeo show, which was great, since I did not need to worry about the panel in the least, just interject here and there. I actually think it is easier that way, since you get a feel for it, but do not feel the need to carry it.

Some light partying ensued, and much eating of tacos in the MISFITS party room. Oh, and much visiting with people.