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CONvergence, Day 1
Arrived at 3pm to get checked in. Unloaded the car, put Star Wars on TV (HBO Family) and wandered around. Grabbed my badge (volunteers can get badges a day early). BGFE mle292 arrived with TehDae a little later and we unloaded car #2. Some of it went to our room, and some to the MISFITS party room. Also dropped off a pile of 'old Who' at the Torchwood party. Then more wandering around. Stopped by the OmegaCon room party to say hi. Taped up some weapons for the Batleth competition.

Later we attended the Meet and Greet. Punch and mini-cream puffs ensued. Then more working on the MISFITS room party, which devolved into SMOF'ing, but we still put up many decorations.

Nap Time.