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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Coffee in the cafeteria: $1.26 (no refill unless you bring a re-usable mug)
Coffee at Caribou: $1.87 (at least 1 free refill)
The coffee in the cafeteria is not worth the $0.61 difference. Weak and poor flavor. I try it about once every 6 months to a year to justify the 'Bou.

No, there is no free coffee here. You can violate the rules and put a coffee pot in your cube, but eventually you will be asked to remove it.

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Hot water thingy is on the cafeteria floor, but that certainly is a good idea. I could make small amounts by nuking water too. I will have to see if I can find a "mini" french-press. I wonder if some kind a retailer might carry that sort of thing.

I have seen a few different sizes of french press. In fact, one certain retailer quite close to you carries a wide range:

I have a one cup (6oz) French Press. I have used it at work but I would not recommend it. You are going to get sick and tired of cleaning that thing everyday, multiple times a day. If you don't want to cart a thermos around, I would recommend a full sized press with a thermos at work. A 5 minute task at the beginning and end of the day and you have hot coffee throughout the day.

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