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Coffee in the cafeteria: $1.26 (no refill unless you bring a re-usable mug)
Coffee at Caribou: $1.87 (at least 1 free refill)
The coffee in the cafeteria is not worth the $0.61 difference. Weak and poor flavor. I try it about once every 6 months to a year to justify the 'Bou.

No, there is no free coffee here. You can violate the rules and put a coffee pot in your cube, but eventually you will be asked to remove it.

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If you bring in your coffee pot each morning and bring it home each evening, maybe they won't find it. If you have a personal space like a cube, you could hide it behind manuals and other odds and ends while at work.

Is this a pain in the *? You bet it is. Better that than pay for crappy coffee.

Another possibility is to only have the coffee pot going while actually brewing coffee. When it's done, pour it in a thermos, disconnect and hide your coffee pot.

All this idiotic subterfuge because someone has a contract. What's next? No one's allowed to bring twinkies from home because it would take business away from the vending machine?

Hence why I don't think they would actually ever say that is why, but it is the only reason I can figure out.

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