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Coffee in the cafeteria: $1.26 (no refill unless you bring a re-usable mug)
Coffee at Caribou: $1.87 (at least 1 free refill)
The coffee in the cafeteria is not worth the $0.61 difference. Weak and poor flavor. I try it about once every 6 months to a year to justify the 'Bou.

No, there is no free coffee here. You can violate the rules and put a coffee pot in your cube, but eventually you will be asked to remove it.

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Why on earth is it against the rules to have a coffee pot?

I believe it is phrased as "fire hazard" and "extra electrical load." One is a mediocre reason at best, the other is pretty much BS. My personal belief is that they have a contract with the cafeteria company not to have free coffee available.

The district tried to charge teachers $25 a year to use a coffee pot. You can guess how that flew. (Crap like this always happens in the interim between superintendents. Some bureaucratic cog decided to take "initiative")

I have a coffee maker with a thermos-like carafe NOT a heating element. It is on for about 5 minutes every time I make coffee. I know I do not use $25 worth of electricity during the school year. They can take a flying leap.

If you bring in your coffee pot each morning and bring it home each evening, maybe they won't find it. If you have a personal space like a cube, you could hide it behind manuals and other odds and ends while at work.

Is this a pain in the *? You bet it is. Better that than pay for crappy coffee.

Another possibility is to only have the coffee pot going while actually brewing coffee. When it's done, pour it in a thermos, disconnect and hide your coffee pot.

All this idiotic subterfuge because someone has a contract. What's next? No one's allowed to bring twinkies from home because it would take business away from the vending machine?

Hence why I don't think they would actually ever say that is why, but it is the only reason I can figure out.

Is there a corporate coffee machine or water cooler with one of those hot water spigots somewhere around there, suitable for making tea? If so, you can try a french press.

Hot water thingy is on the cafeteria floor, but that certainly is a good idea. I could make small amounts by nuking water too. I will have to see if I can find a "mini" french-press. I wonder if some kind a retailer might carry that sort of thing.

I have seen a few different sizes of french press. In fact, one certain retailer quite close to you carries a wide range:

I have a one cup (6oz) French Press. I have used it at work but I would not recommend it. You are going to get sick and tired of cleaning that thing everyday, multiple times a day. If you don't want to cart a thermos around, I would recommend a full sized press with a thermos at work. A 5 minute task at the beginning and end of the day and you have hot coffee throughout the day.

Umm...yeah...2nding the Thermos. Don't try to justify Caribou to the King of Cheap! Unless you are on your bike, it's pretty easy to set the coffee maker the night before and dump it in the thermos in the morning.

1.5# of good coffee is ~$15. 25 days @ $1.87 = $46.75

- 15.00
$30.25 Pure Savings!!!!!

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