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An open letter...
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
...To Java Software Development companies -
To whom it may concern:

Point one. If you claim your software is "Cluster-aware" and "Load-balanced" but you introduce a bug that breaks your cluster/load-balancing function, you better catch it in QA. Oh, you did not know it was broken. How is it fucking possible that it either never worked, or that you broke it in a patch and never caught it? Are you saying you lied? Or are you saying you never test?

Point two. If this same software is "Cluster-aware" and "Load-balanced", when I ask if it can be configured to run more than two instances (for example, use 4 instances instead of 2), you should have an answer. I know that is expecting so very much of you. But as this is your product and you expect people to pay for it, you should maybe think that cluster and load-balanced is not defined as strictly 2 nodes/instances. You silence is extremely annoying. Even if you had the fucking balls to say "we never tested that, we will test it and get back to you next week" or "No, we mean exactly two" would be better than not answering the multiple times it was asked.

Point three. If we are your biggest customer, do you think you might try to test your application to the requested volume? It is your app, and you cannot make it process that much in your own environment, in which you control all aspects of configuration?

Point four. If your application fails to process the above load, and the application crashes, you do not need a bigger server. A) The application, being Java, is self-constrained for Memory. B) The server was not used to the full capacity when your application crashed. How the fuck can you say you need a bigger server? So what? So you can crash your application on the same volume and waste more money? My coworker had a great analogy - "You mean all of the code compilation errors would have just gone away if I had a bigger server? Why didn't I think of that?"

Ok, so maybe not such an open letter. More pointed at a couple of companies that I have had to talk to in the last couple of weeks.