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Iraq is going so well, lets take Iran too
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Lieberman (Independent - remember he lost the Dem nod for his hawkish stance) said the US should seriously consider attacking a base in Iran. They are allegedly training Iraqis for the insurgency at that base. I might be tempted to believe him, except for the horrid track record of intelligence for the war in Iraq. WMDs? Plutonium from Niger? Welcomed as liberators? Hrm. Like I said, not such a great record.

How about this - how about rather than involving another country, we just leave Iraq? Hmm? Move some of those troops back to Afghanistan where they should have been in the first place to finish the job there, or just come home. I support our troops, and I say if you want to support them, bring them home.

Edit: Why are the Dems such pussies? Why did they not stick to their plan and send the funding bill back with a timeline? Why do they always back down and apologize. FFS, Jimmy Carter should have stood up and said, "I said Bush was the worst president ever, and I meant it. Now I quote Vice President Dick Cheney, 'Go fuck yourself.'" They (the Dems) need to stand up and say what they mean, and go with it. They need to stop playing the Republican's games, stop letting them (the Republicans) control the conversation and point out when their opponents say something dumb, or 'flip-flop' or say "I don't believe in evolution." They need to jump on that and hammer it. I'd like to see this in a debate: "Oh, really, you do not believe in evolution. How the fuck are you going to promote education in this country? How the fuck do you plan to invest in science in this country? Because fucktards like you are the reason we are falling behind in both of those categories."

And while we are on the topic, there is a war on, a "War on Terra". I do not think there is anything more ironic than driving around in your dodge ram (12c/15h), f150 (11c/15h), suburban (14c/18h), escalade (12c/16h), or hummer (2004 H2- 9.6mpg) getting horrid gas mileage with a Support the Troops magnet. Other than perhaps trying to get "Fahrenheit 451" banned - that is pretty ironic, even if Bradbury says it was more about Television than censorship.

War On Drugs
War On Terror
Both have produced very little, if anything at all. Other than spending copious amounts of money in the wrong places. Although, both have managed to fund more prisons, government agencies, and cut down privacy. So maybe they are accomplishing their original intent.
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Both have eroded our rights to non-existance. They have turned us into a nation so cowed by our own government we ask permission to cross the street. I agree, thier original intent has been accomplished.
The real problem with the republicrats is that they have any power at all.

Here's one I'd like to see:
War On Gasoline

I'd be perfectly happy if the car I currently own is the last one I buy that runs solely on gasoline.

Let's not call Lieberman an independent. He's a Republican. He just doesn't have the balls to admit it, and the Dems don't have the balls to kick his ass to the curb.

Frankly, I think we need more politicians to say "go fuck yourself", and a lot of other "uncivil" things, especially when it comes to sheer stupidity. When someone in front of you in the Starbucks line says something stupidly dangerous if implemented, a proper response might be to snort in derision and move on with your life. When someone with the actual power to implement something stupidly dangerous does it, it is NOT a proper response to say anything like "I respectfully disagree with my friend from Wingnuttia". But that's what the people "on our side" do all the time. More hearty "fuck you's", please.

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