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High Energy Morning
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I feel good this morning, better than I should on only 5 hours sleep. I had a lovely conversation with kalmn well into the night, way past my bedtime. But I was up at the normal time this morning and felt better than I have some mornings with 8 hours of sleep. About 10 minutes after getting out of bed, I felt like I could workout. This is not normal, as I am not a morning person, regardless of the many weeks where the norm was up Monday at 4am to catch a flight somewhere. I am going to attribute my energy to good friends, good conversation, and a session at MCAOM where I experienced acupuncture and cupping for the first time yesterday. Not surprising to many of you, I am in pretty good shape. The Acupuncture was the "crown" location for calming, and two knots in my scaps/traps from my continual abuse of those muscles working out and typing/mousing all day. The cupping was to release heat from my body and to radiate energy from those points. This, followed by a light massage. Then some coffee whilst I read City Pages. Then dinner, which brings me full circle to lovely conversation.