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LJ Apologizes
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Well, LJ seems to acknowledge that "they" overreacted to the fundies. Seems the WFI is gloating about LJ taking down "hundreds of pedophile sites" and talking about MySpace and LJ being home to "Child Rape, Child Molestation, Child Sex, Child Porn" and "...Allows Child Rapist Free Rein." Seems the WFI is on a mission, and is willing to burn anything that gets in their way (I wonder which books they have attempted to ban?). Sort of like when Meese and his cronies linked porn to crime and then set about to prove it by viewing over 2000 porn films and over 2000 porn mags. (Hrm, maybe it does, Meese was involved in Iran-Contra) How much porn does it take to 'prove' the conclusion you have already stated? Apparently very much. So, like Meese and McCarthy before him, the WFI finds something to rally around and then runs with their witch hunt. It also reminds me of when, in response to slightly more tame criticism, AOL banned all searches and communities related to boobies. Yes, no more searching for or talking about breast cancer or breast feeding. AOL learned. Is it me, or are we as a society accelerating our failure to learn from history?

Crimes such as child rape, child molestation, and child porn are heinous and icky. Even other prisoners are likely to be offended by this and make prison life even worse for those convicted. And, if those convicted survive prison, they are labeled for life and will never escape their crime*. No one is condoning the crimes. But writing about fictional characters in their late teens having *gasp* sex is, um, pretty damn tepid.

I had no interest in writing fanfic before this happened. And I really had no interest in reading it either. But I really do not care if anyone wants to write or read about Ron/Harry, Xander/Spike, or Buffy/Willow (ok, maybe I would read that, but I would not go looking for it). But since the WFI fucktards brought it up...

Harry Potter took a deep breath. He was about to do something he had never done before. Mentally sighing and then throwing his entire being into this momentous act, he slipped Hermione his wand.

*There are problems with the prosecution of this as well. This is not the main focus of this rant, nor are these the typical cases. There was a case not long ago where an 18 yr old was convicted of statutory rape for continuing to have sex with his girlfriend (consensual). But she was 14 or 15 when he had his 18th Birthday, and then the statutory rules kicked in, despite the consent and existing relationship, and he gets to go to court and jail and be labeled a sex offender for the rest of his life. There is also the case of (memory fading here) of two consenting 17 yr-olds having sex and filming it (again, both decided to film it). Not the brightest kids on the block, but the boy was later charged with multiple crimes based on the child pornography. And why are murders not registered?

On another side note, I read recently, about 100 years ago, it was not uncommon for young teens 13-14-15 to get married and soon thereafter have children. I do not have a reference for this information and I am not sure that I would like the Google results if I tried to find a reference.

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Buffy/Willow? Faith is *way* hotter than Buffy, therefore Faith/Willow would be a better choice!

Oh, you are so right. What was I thinking? Faith/Willow FTW!

You know, I have sources. I could find you some... Of course, I'd have to read it first just to make sure it was quality pr0n...

(Deleted comment)
Good call. I like the way you think.

If you want to talk about young teenage sex in days gone by then Romeo and Juliet is your rant of choice. This classic tale of star crossed lovers concerns a 13 year old girl shtupping a 15 year old boy (or is that the other way round?).

If you tried to stage a production of this today with the correct ages then there would be uproar. Especially if, true to Elizabethan form, Juliet was a boy in drag.

Dude, get with the times. It's all about Claire/Nikki now.

Hrm, Claire/Nikki/Jessica would be nice. From the Buffyverse I'd prefer Anya, Cordie, Willow, or Fred in any combination you want.

MMM. Willow/Fred/Faith 3way.

I'll be in my bunk.

I think I'm learning more about you than I ever wanted to know.

Claire/Nikki? Hrm, I never thought about that. But then, I am still stuck on Padmé/Sabé.

As to the topic at hand, I dunno what to think. I'm coming a bit late to the whole party, only found out about it a little bit ago. I'm not exactly deep into the LJ community.

It annoys me when orgs are reactionary like this. It annoys me more when they get reactionary to reactionary religious assholes. Meh.

And yeah, in the 19th century it was common to treat 10-13 as the age of consent, as scary as that seems to us today. Of course black people weren't people then either, so take that for what you will.

a cross over of...

I just wanted to add in my 10 cents and I think

Willow/Kaylee (Firefly) might be a good mix. A little magic and oiled up machanic (not a personal choice but ...)

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