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Jerry Falwell Dead
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Jerry Falwell, best known for the "Moral Majority" and creating Mega-churches and thereby cementing the United States' modern incestuous relationship between Religion, Politics, and uber-richness (The catholics did that for Europe) is dead. Good riddance. That hatemonger is dead and now worm-food.

One of the nicer things said about him:
"He was outspoken, mostly against women's reproductive rights and against homosexuality. His statement after 9/11 about the event being punishment for abortions and homosexuality..."

So, he iswas a misogynistic, homophobic, gluttonous jerkwad who will now be honored, memorialized, and all his past ignoble deeds expunged so the sheep can wallow in his imagined greatness.

If I believed in such a thing, I would say, "Burn in hell Jerry, you stupid fucking cum-stain."

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It's his hell, he gets to burn in it.

This has been a good day.

Kinda harsh on cum-stains aren't you?
Yes Falwell was all that and more (besides having sex with his mom in the outhouse). He did actually do us all the favor of exposing large parts of his stupid religious and moral doctrine to first discussion, then the scorn it deserves.
Yeah some idiots still follow him but the fallacy of his beliefs are eroding before both time and public opinion. By taking them out of just preaching from the pulpit and entering them in politics the devisiveness inherent in them will weaken and destroy them.

I hope you are right. I am forgetting the source of the quote and probably just poorly paraphrasing, but here goes:
It will be nice when we see a religious person on the street and take pity on them, such as we might a smoker, since they are ostracized because of their inability to quit.

Speaking of great evils, how far did you guys get last Thursday? Did you make it through Chapter 11 or not? I'm just trying to stay caught up...I plan to be more available this week.

Tomorrow night is alt night, I believe. We finished a chapter, but something was bugged and Jeff got stuck on a loading screen and we have to run it again. Jeff and I will not be around tomorrow night (not sure where he is headed, but I am going to the jazz concert - Diane is in Jazz Band).

And send me your current email address. I think all the ones I have are old now.

Alright, then. I'll probably skip it, then and catch you next week.

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