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MS Blowhard, version 4.0
Bog Standard Space Debris
Since Vista sucks hard, Microsoft has gone back to the companies original strategy - FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).
Articles, with plenty of opinion:
Original Article:

We heard this a few years ago from SCO, and they pretty much got slapped down for filing a frivolous lawsuit and never "putting up."
It comes down to this for a software patent: "Show us the code." Since MS is unlikely to actually show their own code for the world to see, all they can do is point at Linux, as a whole, and say they stole stuff. 235 stuffs. 45 in the kernel, 62 in the UI, some number in Star Office/Open Office... /em "Microsoft pouts."

So, they will attempt to scare some people, make some others sign onerous agreements, and just piss off a bunch more that already think MS is full of shite.

This brings a a few key points -

  • Will other companies step up and defend their contributions to Open Source (IBM, Sun, Oracle being the big ones)?
  • Will other companies step up and show that MS infringes on others' patents?
  • Should software (code or algorithms) be patentable?
  • Is the patent process broken (do they have a technical review, or is it like congress, where people attempt to legislate a "series of tubes")
  • Will work finally provide a Mac or Linux-based PC instead of bog-standard Windows PC?

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and this is why i still have XP.

Golly, I sure do like tabbed browsing

Linux probably has TONS of code similarities to Microsoft code, but my suspicion would not be that Linux stole from Microsoft, especially since Microsoft's code is so heavily guarded.

If it ends up that Microsoft's programmers have ever looked at open source code and got ideas that altered Microsoft products, would it be Microsoft's contention that Microsoft owes royalties to all of the people who have contributed to Linux, Firefox, Open Office and similar programs?

How will they find them all?

All the FUD is clearly affecting NOVELL'S bottom line too. They had a very good quarter just after they signed their infamous pact with Microsoft. Most of their good stuff that wasn't directly attributable to payment from Microsoft are larger corporations signing on with SLES under the patent indemnification agreement. Business smart, and all that.

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