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Beautiful Day
What a beautiful day!  (sounds of U2 running thru my head)

It was over 50 here, in MN, in March!  Water running off the roofs and yards and down the street. 

I had breakfast and went bowling this morning with lthomas987 and toadnae.  It was a good time.  We wanted to get three games in, but we had to bail by 12noon for something happening there.  Next time we will get there earlier!  I managed at least one spare and strike (not bad for the first time in at least 3 years).  Toad managed to hit at least 1 pin per frame, and LT did well.  LT also taught me a better way of picking up spares, and after her help, I picked up two or three more spares (I had previously missed at least 50%). 

Then home for lunch and quick email check, then wiredferret arrived for some 9-ball and good conversation.  Also some good music.  I was pretty well outplayed.  We both won some very easy games due to scratches, but I would have to say even though I had a few nice shots, she is a more consistent and better overall player.  And I thank her for the challenge.

Then time for a protein bar and off to kickboxing.  Good workout tonight, as usual.  I managed to rip off some more skin on one of the pads, and now my thumb knuckle has a nice red line on it.  Oh, well.  another knuckle injury will not kill me.  Oh, and usual bruising between ring finger and pinky from the gloves.  That should stop soon as I have new gloves on order and they should arrive soon!

Oh, so tempted to get the bike out today, but faced with the reality of snow tomorrow, I'd hate to get my hopes up. 

And the iBook continues to be wonderful.  The mantra - "It just fucking works!"  So long have I worked on Windows machines - load this driver, plug in this device, reboot, reboot, apply a patch, reboot.  The iBook - yep - it just fucking works.  WiFi, network connections to my Win2k box (this required changes on the Windows side - like not just using C$ shares).  Just works.  Then I downloaded and installed X11 and Gimp.  Yep, just worked.  And used SSH.  Yep, just there.  Talked to my linux box via ssh, exported my display back, and tested with the trusty xterm.  Way.  Cool.

Ok, dinner time.