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Religion of Peace
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So, Abrahamic Monotheists argue that their religions are ones of peace and love (but no sex!). How is it then that in Turkey three men (1 German, 2 Turkish citizens) printing Bibles had their throats slit by 5 19-20 years olds who claimed, “We did not do this for ourselves, but for our religion... Let this be a lesson to the enemies of our religion,”

Yep, sounds pretty fucking peaceful and loving to me. Maybe they are still pissed about those couple of minor misunderstandings of peaceful bringing the word of Christ known as the Crusades or Inquisition. Or maybe it is just that the major world religions are batshit insane fuckos who have no clue they are just following bronze-age bullshit that has been written in a couple of books.

Interesting how the term has changed since the Greeks created it and Romans used it. Atheism was a derogatory term used for early christians by the Roman Empire (since they did not believe in the pantheon and obviously followed a false god).

Sometimes you need to remind the christians, atheism means that I believe in one less god than they do. It also means that I have to be good (moral, ethical, considerate) in this life since I do not get another chance. And as Penn Jillette has said, the only forgiveness available is from someone you have wronged or poor memory.

Consider Abrahamic monotheistic dogma (not what current 'liberal' christians say). Two people. One rapes, murders, commits genocide, and kicks puppies for fun. One spends their life doing good things, helping the poor, being nice to people. The 'evil' one repents on their deathbed and goes to heaven. The other one is not christian and goes to hell. Nice.

Back to work for me.

EDIT: Fixed name. Thanks jschmidt

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What was the quote I read yesterday? Something like:

"A fool considers religion necessary, a wise man considers it irrelevant, and a leader considers it useful."

Actually that would be Penn Jillette.

Any religion that claims knowledge of a omnipotent, omniscient god that demands certain behavior or else cannot, by its nature, be a religion of peace. It will always be divisive, always result in an us-against-them battle. The "unsaved" will always be a threat to the "saved", and unless tamed by a secular society, will end in violence.

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