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A culture of life...
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... so long as it does not eat into profits:

"On March 12, hospital officials delivered news any parent would dread: Its ethics committee said Emilio’s aggressive treatment plan was no longer medically appropriate and he should be removed from the ventilator. Under the provisions of a Texas law signed by George W. Bush in his days as governor, Ms. Gonzales had just 10 days to find another medical facility willing to treat her child." (emphasis mine)

I think I ranted about this before, but I do not really care, since he brought it on himself. Wiki:Culture of Life

Full article here:
National Post

Keep in mind, that I do not actually disagree with the Texas law. I think it is even more important for socialized medicine to have ETHICAL limits on treatment. Right now, similar discussions are under way about how far does a hospital have to go to respect religion. See, a person who refuses blood based on religious reasons was given extraordinary measures to save her life that did not conflict with her religion. However, those measures would not have been required had she not refused the transfusion. Now the taxpayers of that state and insurance payers nation-wide need to pick up the tab in various forms (taxes, premiums).

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There's nothing like a steaming heap of hypocrisy, is there?

I completely agree on ethical limits to healthcare. Keeping someone alive just because you can and no matter what the cost is never a good option.

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