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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
I have my new iBook. Sweet! .5GB RAM, 60GB Disk, AirPort, BlueTooth! Yeah baby!

sweet little machine. Now if I can just get to my PC's disk, I should be able to get all the files I need and be all set.

Kickboxing was good tonight. I actually broke the bag. It goes out tomorrow for replacement. I also ripped the scab mostly off of my knuckle, so I know I was going pretty hard tonight.

Doing laundry while getting this little guy setup and also making some steel-cut oatmeal with Peanut butter - mmmm whole grain goodness.

Well, that is about it, I have lots to get setup.

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RAM, hard drive, feh. What about the most important feature of your iBook: What color is it?

And what did that bag ever do to you?

iBook. It is white. It is not one of those funny clamshell ones...

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