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What?! Is it extra fucking stupidity day?
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Do the Change people not have anything better to do?
RFC1 - I am the Requester, Coordinator, and Assignee (as I was told to do it by the Change team). That was 7 weeks ago.
RFC2 - I am the Requestor, Coordinator, and Assignee. That was 3 weeks ago.
RFC3 - I am the Requestor, Coordinator, and Assignee. Filed yesterday. Rejected yesterday because I am the Requestor, Coordinator, and Assignee.

Stupid, intrusive, overbearing and time-intensive red-tape I can deal with; I work in a megacorp, it is expected. Changing the rules partway through the process just adds insult to injury. Like my previous rants when Security changes the policy for accounts and groups when I am trying to automate and forcing DB schema naming when I am mid-project.

I must have poor timing. If I had done each of these things sooner, they would have gone through previous to the changes and been "grandfathered-in."

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Honestly, from the time I spent working with that crew, the answer is yes, they don't have anything better to do. Gah. I don't miss that bunch.

Posts that I can't understand make me feel very stupid. But you look exceptionally intelligent right now.

Yeah. What that person said...

were you riding your bike in the 'hood last night? i was on the phone and couldn't quite see who it was but i think it was you????

if so, thanks for saying "hi" let's get togehter and have a beer? movie?

Yes I was... look here.

And yes we should!

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