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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Yep, rugging is every bit as painful as I remember.  Eight hours yesterday and two today.  One room left and some metals (thresholds).  No knife wounds, but I have some carpet-burned knuckles.  4 rooms complete!  One easy bedroom, another easy bedroom with a closet, a more difficult bedroom with closet and entry, and a landing "L" shape (which is like working in one long closet). 

Thankfully, my buddy Ken was around and willing to help me. 

One room left.  Largest room, with "entry."  But, no closet, and it is not that large *cringe*.  The pad is down and we need to get a remnant to put in there.  Also, need to put the metals down, but that will not be so bad.  Tack strip is down, pad is down, just the carpet and the kicking...

BGFE mle292 put pad down, hammered in tack strip, helped carry carpet, purchased all the stuff, and provided food and beverage, which was very nice of her, considering she could have been in the basement getting other work done.

No I do not do it professionally, and I do not have my own tools, so I cannot help you.

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(Deleted comment)
Funny! But seriously, I did shave this weekend. Not quite ready for the razoring the skull every few days, but the shortest setting on the trimmer is 1/8" I think.

That may be one of the butchest things I've ever read. So cool!

(Deleted comment)
Fear not true believer, my floors are unaltered. :)

These are the floors in mle292's house.

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