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Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter
I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

It is clear that another book was intended. Many things were intentionally left open. Rowling is a decent writer, but she tends to leave a few too many loose ends. HBP is supposed to have some things that lead to the next one. But at the end of Order of the Phoenix, there was one glaring item that should have been resolved, and it bothered me the entire way through HBP.

Umbridge directed the Dementors to attack Harry outside of school. This was established in the presence of Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny. Truth potion and Legimancy have both been used to get the truth. Yet she is still in the Ministry, shouldn't she be in Azkaban?

Also, I do hope she reveals how Snape convinced Dumbledore he could be trusted.

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I think the fact that Umbridge is still in the Ministry is meant to be further evidence of corruption in the Ministry. However, it's been a while since I read the book, so I could be wrong.

I think the whole Snape issue will be resolved in HP7. It has to be, really, given the ending to HBP.

I plan to start re-reading all of HP as soon as I finish A Tale of Two Cities. Which I intend to do today. As soon as I get off the interwebs. Maybe.

It is my theory the RB signature on the note in the locket, is Regulus Black. Sirius' brother. My friend further speculates that he may have been turned into Crookshanks, Harmione's cat. I think that would be using the same ploy twice and cheating. But I also think she is a little lazy about certain plot points.
Wasn't Dolores Umbridge mad at the end? I thought that was why she wasn't in prison. Plus, she was acting on orders. And corruption. I am frustrated that she keeps writing about oppressive use of power and keeps harping on the idea that all they need are resiponsible people in power. The responsible, sensible people like Dumbledore won't accept it. The problem is that there IS power to be had. Sigh. I guess not everyone can be a sensible libertarian/anarchist like me.

I thought about Sirius' brother when Harry sees the initials RAB. My thoughts are that he will go back to visit his house (Sirius' house that was left to Harry, and home to the OotP) at some point early after visiting the Dursley's and figure it out by seeing the various portraits.

Umbridge is in the the health ward at the end of OotP, but back at the Ministry in HBP, even after Fudge is removed and Scrimgeour takes over the Ministry. I don't know that Fudge was ever implicated in that...

I believe it is Regalus Black, and the house on Grimmald Place will feature again in the horcrux search. On one of the (nutty) HP theory sites someone mentioned that Ron found an unopenable locket when they were cleaning there.

Also, Regalus was never determined to be dead. He just disappeared.

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