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Had a good time at Marscon.

The room parties were good and I went to several panels.  I saw the Star Wars panel, Dr Who panel, Panel about Nothing, OCP (not Robocop).  I made it through the dealers room and only dropped 39.50.  That got me one book, two graphic novels and a t-shirt.  I also did a partial shift selling Geek Prom tickets.

I also got to chat with Kelly McCullough.  I did not have my book to have him sign, and none were for sale, but he did sign a WebMage bookmark for me.  Good news in case you missed it, Kelly has a 4-book deal for the WebMage series, with one due each year.  He has the story arcs already planned out and Cybermancy (book two) will be out this year.

Participated in a round of 5-way Ultra-sinful hot-sex in the Klingon party room, which tasted good, but due to the number of hands I spilled half my drink on my arm.  If you have to ask, well, just get your mind out of the gutter.

Consuite was pretty good, they had the Starbuck's cold beverages, chips, pretzels, beans, hot water, and cold bottled water.  Ahhh.

Hung out with many people and generally had a good time.

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I was sory not to go this year, but the ex claimed custody. I expect to be at convergence though.
There is plenty of drama on the home front though so I am glad I was available.

I was sory not to go this year, but the ex claimed custody.

I don't know all the specifics, but in general, I think it's a bad idea to let people get away with such behaviour.

If you want to go, you should go. I know that you were at some of the music stuff last year and I also know that Marscon is the *only* local convention that has such programming available.

So, it's a convention and there is no policy about exes "rights". Your ex can make up his/her own mind about what action is appropriate, so can you.

If this is part of a deal where your ex promises not to attend any conventions that you will attend, and you've mutually agreed maybe that's something else - that's not what it sounds like from what you write, but I might be misinterpreting.

Don't let anyone tell you which publicly available events you're "allowed" to go to. You're not involved with that person anymore, there's no reason to make special accomodations at your own expense.

I apreciate you sentiment and your concern. What is really at issue is our child. Neither of us wants to have to wrangle him through a con. He is extremely active and can be disruptive. We divide things like conventions out of respect for eachothers enjoyment. Actually, this one fell on my regular weekend. I did ask him to trade it but I went last year and it is his turn. Our relations are pretty amiable all things concidered. I avoid him only because he anoys me and I am a little embarrassed by his behaviour. Not because I find him unendurable.

Mutual agreement is definitely much nicer. It's good that you both get some quality "grown-up" time at conventions.

I avoid him only because he anoys me and I am a little embarrassed by his behaviour.

Haha! I have an ex like that.

No real hatred, but a profound annoyance that ocassionaly causes me to choose alternate social events - typically whether or not I go is inversely proportional to the number of people at the event. Fewer than a dozen people is always a "no", more than a thousand is always a "yes". In between numbers include additional variables.

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