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Blow me
Fucking security group and their goddamn changing naming standards. Fuckers. I guess I did not want to get any progress on my project for a couple of weeks - I really wanted to go through all of my code and update the Schema names, update the user IDs (fortunately, most of that is parameterized), update table definitions so they match the new schema names, and generally debug everything on which I have been working.

Last time these "we make decisions without any input" jerkwads did this, it generated over 325 trouble tickets for me and I spent 3 weeks working through the directory/file/read/execute permissions, and I needed to get the user ID created that they assumed existed (since the one that had been working was deemed unusable for some unknown random reason).

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I'm sorry man, I feel your pain. Not quite as severe here but the seperation/integration standards change fucking daily. There's no good place for us...

I didn't understand any of this, but you have my sympathy, regardless.

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