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Random Updates
beer, meetmeme, Backyard
Ahhh, valentines day.  Pretty flowers for pretty girls.  And I was just told that I was made of 'awesomeness.'
MMM, wine and shrimp stirfry for dinner. 

Just started watching Heroes.  Watched Eps 1 & 2 last night.  Pretty good.  I can see why people like it.  The intro guy needs work (not the Mundhir, the narrator).  I am one Ep behind on BSG, but I have it ready to watch.  Other than that - no TV.  Life without Digital Cable and 200 channels of crap is not bad at all.  And if the City moves forward with Wireless I can drop comcast for everything but standard cable.  And save another $30 bucks a month.  Not sure I really need the additional 3-4Mb download bandwidth.  I am pretty sure 1Mb is sufficient.  The only downside is no usenet.  Anyone know of free news servers out there that are not tied to an ISP?

Dreamhaven was recently burglarized.  Fucking savages.  I saw the Neil Gaiman posted about it and I have seen at least two others on my FList reference it.  Once more will not hurt...

I had more to say, but I can no longer remember it all and I have to leave soon to drive girls around...

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Well, you are made of awesome *of course*, I less than three you very much.


Heroes is great, but the narrator does not improve with time. Mohinder is my favorite -- so cute!

Heroes is teh haxxoR! It just gets better.

At least they didn't get Stan Lee to narrate. He does, however, have a cameo on an upcoming episode.

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