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beer, meetmeme, Backyard
We, the US, launched an air attack against an area in Somalia. Up to yesterday, no one had reported that level of cooperation with the current government of Somalia, nor Ethiopia, which if you were not paying attention, sent in their military 1-2 weeks ago to support the "weak" government in Somalia.

The US used our heavy attack craft, no, not the Warthog, the AC130. Yes, take a C130 and put in gatling cannons and howitzers.

This is covered under the War on Terror. There has been mention of links between the group targeted and Al Qaeda. Or even that Al Qaeda members were physically there.

I have no comments as of yet as I have seen only one article on this, and there is no "report from the ground" on the results of said attack.

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Hegemony or Survival

I just finished "Hegemony or Survival" by Noam Chomsky and he mkes the case very successfully that the current US government has adopted the policy of exersising pre-emptive attacks toward any entity it perceives may present a threat toward the "national (our corporate multi-national?)interests regardless of right or wrong. if a perception of right can be fostered among the American public much the better.
i distrust any attak that is basd soely on our "intelligence" or even moreso, the political interpretation of it by the current government.
I wonder what collateral damage quad 20mm mini guns can cause? Non that will be reported I'm sure.

Re: Hegemony or Survival

Or a 40mm cannon, or even the 105mm Howitzer.

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