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We, the US, launched an air attack against an area in Somalia. Up to yesterday, no one had reported that level of cooperation with the current government of Somalia, nor Ethiopia, which if you were not paying attention, sent in their military 1-2 weeks ago to support the "weak" government in Somalia.

The US used our heavy attack craft, no, not the Warthog, the AC130. Yes, take a C130 and put in gatling cannons and howitzers.

This is covered under the War on Terror. There has been mention of links between the group targeted and Al Qaeda. Or even that Al Qaeda members were physically there.

I have no comments as of yet as I have seen only one article on this, and there is no "report from the ground" on the results of said attack.

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The Ethiopians are acting as hired guns for the US. Ever since Eritria became independent (and they had their own little religious war) Ethiopia has been carrying forward the banner of christendo. against the Islamicist's.
Somalia had recently established some sort of order (be it somewhat medieval) with the Islamic Jurists establishing their control (and shira law) throughout most of the land. This of course was just a boon to interntional terrorism (especially since they kicked out the warloards that kicked us out).
I guess if they won't have the peace we impose and choose leaders we don't approve, we retain the right to remove them.
Do you think the forceful conquest of an Islamic fundementalist state by "christtians" will lead to a more peaceful world? Or is Bushco just doing it's best to hasten armageddon?

There still appears to be confusion over the follow-up helicopter attack. Was is US helos or Somali helos?

Did the attack kill 22, 40, or many? Which attack had which kills?

I appreciate the link to more news, it looks like it trickling in with updates every 25 minutes or so, based on the posting times of the various articles. Maybe tonight or tomorrow there will be a clearer understanding of the event.

In any case, does the US have the right, authority, obligation to cross international borders and attack locations? What level of intelligence is acceptable to order that mission (Iraq intelligence failures have not yet been forgotten by some of us).

Does it matter if they were terrorists responsible for attacks on the US, or if they are insurgents in a civil war in an independent nation? Should we assist other nations with their civil wars? Does it matter if these civil wars are divided along religious lines? Should we step in and create a Secular government? Or would that look to much like "We have to provide Universal Health Care in Iraq, but we sure don't want it here" dichotomy of BushCo? Or is geohard right that the neocons are in the Holy Fucking Shit 25% of Americans that think Jesus is coming back in 2007 to take them all to Heaven and they are trying to help that process along? Even if Geo is right, do they think that Armageddon is an RPG/Puzzle game where if they just turn all the right coins they get the "Summon Dad, JC, and the Spook" scroll?

I need to think on this most recent attack more. I supported the invasion of Afghanistan. The Taliban as a government was a direct sponsor of terrorism (at least I have not seen any evidence to the contrary, should it be shown otherwise, I am certainly open to change my opinion). I did not support Iraq. At this point, with my limited information, I support this action, but with the track record of BushCo, I am not certain it can be trusted and I am interested as more information becomes available. All that being said, why is it again that we don't overthrow the al-Saud's for their continued condoning of the Wahabists? Oh, right, oil. And Bush is in bed with one of the 1000 princes or so. In fact, wasn't it one of them who bailed him out when his oil company was mismanaged into the ground?

Hegemony or Survival

I just finished "Hegemony or Survival" by Noam Chomsky and he mkes the case very successfully that the current US government has adopted the policy of exersising pre-emptive attacks toward any entity it perceives may present a threat toward the "national (our corporate multi-national?)interests regardless of right or wrong. if a perception of right can be fostered among the American public much the better.
i distrust any attak that is basd soely on our "intelligence" or even moreso, the political interpretation of it by the current government.
I wonder what collateral damage quad 20mm mini guns can cause? Non that will be reported I'm sure.

Re: Hegemony or Survival

Or a 40mm cannon, or even the 105mm Howitzer.

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